Of Stillness & MO v e Me n T


The thing about staying put at one place is, you get an opportunity to integrate amongst the values of the land, beyond one’s conforming opinions, judgements and prejudices on how things should be. Nepal has an aura of stillness which ain’t eerie, bolted to the logistic madness which ain’t spooky. People know how to “wait” with an adapted or inherited air of dignity, and are generally not indignant in their actions, towards the lack of basic amenities. In stark comparison, it seems better to raise children where intangible qualities of stillness, idleness, silence are juxtaposed with their tangible desires, ambitions, wishes, lest we let them loose on an endless chase for serenity, without providing a way to remain grounded in the existential value of acceptance. Had an opportunity to be a spectator at the cross country cycling competition held amongst the Army jawans and was fascinated at the grace with which the participants competed & cherished their victory, the blessed silent stillness in the air, continually enveloping the fast moving mountain bikes, as the bikers hopped over the dirt pathways & flew past the occasional dips. Hats off to the organic serenity of this Himalayan kingdom, which is bound to rise back, to regain its faded glory, exhibiting an innocuous balance between stillness & movement!

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