The Himalayan Kingdom

Its hard to miss the plight of this once beautiful & fertile valley at 1400 meters. A sniffing glimpse indicates a violent history of invasions & reign upthrows, political uprisings & royal massacre in once what could have been the serene kingdom of the Himalayas. Its easy to see the ensemble of organized religions providing relief to the populace. Kathmandu, with its 1.5 million people amongst the 30 million Nepalis, is a conglomeration of mixed cultures, turbulent past, chaotic present, western influence, unsympathetic government, docile populace, missing infrastructure, enchanting wooden carvings, eerie neighbors, but glorious hills & far-off snow-capped mountains of the Himalayan range, which somewhat eradicate the dearth of stability. Its a tough life, but people are seeped in devotion & exhibit an organic restrain, much to their chagrin. The valley demonstrates lack of O2 without a need to trek the Base Camp, & every1 visiting KTM should wear a decent mask & merge into the Himalayas right away…

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