Amaize-ing Maize


Married to the maze of life, we walk into this natural, organic, amazing maize, aka corn, which was unsweet, un-soft, unmodified for yield or profits, untouched by the illusion of corporate progress, right on the streets of Kupondole, at about 4600 ft, charcoal broiled on an ancient cast iron grill, without any exhaust fan, fanned by a roughly rectangular cardboard, by a sweet & short Nepali women, perhaps descendant of an ancient Mongolian clan. This episode, took us 35 years back in nostalgia, once upon a time in Mumbai, when we used to savor such organic delicacies, during monsoon rains from the Arabian sea, from the local street vendor in his four-wheeled wooden cart. Its a-maize-ing how nostalgia dipped in present, can be so delightful, chewy & sumptuous!!! Experience: Priceless, Gratitude: Deep, Cost: 25 cents.

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