Lord of ALL Pashus


With original year of creation argued to be 400 B.C., this hugely vibrant Pashupatinath temple, stands intact post-2015 earthquake,  after being re-erected in the 15th century A.D., with the highly ornamented “Pagoda” style architecture, and is considered to be the head of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India, which are considered to be the body. Encompassing a vast complex on a hillock, with many small temples & huge trees, the four-face Mukhalinga in the main temple, is only one meter in height, can be attended by only 4 Bhatta scholars from Karnataka & helped by the local Bhandaris, but its presence can be felt all around the complex. The Bagmati river flows right by the Pashupatinath (Lord of ALL Pashus) & the nearby ghats provide a reverential escape for the deceased. Had a delightful 2 hour stroll around this amazingly charged up space, feeling the waters of Bagmati, monkeying with our ancestors, imbibing the energies of Pashupatinath & various other temples, and ending the stroll by getting a glimpse of a simple yet forgetting truth – of how everything ends & what really remains – at the ghat, where a 81-year old lady was cremated. Pashupatinath temple, although a bit of poor ambiance, has a major spiritual significance, intricate architecture with amazingly carved wooden rafters, use of all 3 base metals – copper, silver, gold – being very evident, and can be a deep meditative experience, for the ones who come prepared with an eased attitude, and can look beyond the nuisance of haphazard commerce, ignored trash & systemic pushing by the masses, ironically asking fulfillment of their petty wishes to a sophisticated Jyotirlinga, who’s energies are purposely designed to push us towards ultimate liberation – Go Figure!…

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