Rama Nayak Udipi

Rama Nayak Udipi
#RamaNayak #SouthIndianCuisine #Matunga #Mumbai
For an eatery to exist for over seven decades, be celebrating their platinum jubilee, and still be appreciated for its simple food & ambiance, staff & owner courtesy, inexpensive billing and be frequented by the locals, is a feat beyond compare, in today’s fast pace world where everyone wants to go everywhere and try everything new, and the plethora of net-based companies providing delivery services for cheap & greasy food in a heartbeat.
Rama Nayak’s, is an exception worth exploring, with a simple ambiance, located right off Matunga (C.R.) station in the bustling Mumbai city, it offers meals, which are close to some homemade meals & far better than many other homemade meals. It offers a remarkably clean facility, with an opportunity to visit the kitchen at defined times, with a smiley, meditative & extremely efficient staff, simple & healthy vegetarian food, while the original owner’s kin sit happily at the cash counter welcoming & guiding the patrons and pocketing the cash (no plastic, just like their plates) in exchange of a metal token which we’re supposed to put in front of our plates. The peach colored walls give a soothing feeling of ease, the sitting is mandatory in pairs of two & as we consume the much anticipated food for its simplicity and taste, it suddenly occurs to the palate, that not all meals be finished with a laxative. Interestingly, the first item served is a pinch of salt and they’ve traditional desserts to be decided upon arrival too, a  blessing for the sweet-toothed. Do drop in at this delightful joint on your next trip to Mumbai for an enjoyable surprise!

Oh, did I forget to mention that they provide the services for “dabba” (“tiffin”, “carry-out”, “to go”) for us to take it with us for lunch before work or pick up after work for dinner, and this service by itself, is a benediction for anyone in the neighborhood, considering the fattening, unhealthy & unhygienic choices to consider otherwise, unless one still cooks at home.
Please don’t mind the drag of this note, but the brag is all worth it & kudos to the Nayak’s for managing, maintaining & sustaining such an establishment with vigor & hoping to be around in 2042 to celebrate their first century! 🙂

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