Go Slow


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It would be a mistake to think that comic strips are meant for amusement and entertainment only. It would also be a mistake to think that our lives are much more than a comic strip. Calvin & Hobbes epitomizes the conflicting nature of confusion and enthusiasm within us human beings. “Flipism” was philosophized by Donald Duck in which he retorts, all decisions in life are made by flipping a coin, and are considered effective due to randomness being an active ingredient of life. While this seems radical, its the duck’s way of sharing wisdom and indicating that, we may be giving much more credit to our decision making ability, than it truly counts for. Alas, not all Donald’s are wise, some come with vice!
Charlie Munger, the genius billionaire and partner of Warren Buffett, of Berkshire Hathaway fame, has been known to repeatedly ascertain: “It is remarkable how much long-term advantage people like us have gotten by trying to be consistently not stupid, instead of trying to be very intelligent.”
Naseem Taleb has written books on Randomness, and has titled his amazing trilogy, “Fooled by Randomness”, “The Black Swan’ and “Antifragility”.

Osho, incessantly reminds us: “Life is not a problem to be solved, it’s a mystery to be lived.”


While identifying with our thoughts seem to be the only way of perceiving reality, and asserting that our decisions are the only reason for our success or failure, there’s a side to this whole perceiving business, which remains unexplored, to the fatal unawareness on how consciously were we making those decisions. While it is easy to say and see, that my ability to think, be rational, logical, analytical and present is the basis of my decision making, it is not very easy to realize that simply thinking may not be sufficient to be making conscious decisions and at the end of the day, how conscious we are, decides the fate and quality of our decisions, over simply exemplifying the ability to think.
Much to our chagrin, we might have erroneously empowered ourselves, with the help of our teachers, parents, friends and solace-laden quotations which we worship, in relying upon our instant ability to be making decisions using thoughts as a supreme vehicle.

A random peek at truly successful beings, indicate a rather opposing view on how they never make instant decisions, knowing well that their first level thinking is heavily conditioned and usually lacking deeper insights. Delaying, yet paying significant attention, is the method employed by them, where they deliberately pause and enable extra sensory attention towards their personal biases and activate a second level thinking to go deeper into their decision making ability. They delay, not to stall, but to bring clarity by being conscious.

Matters of real significance, have hidden layers of buried impressions, which are not easily visible to the naked eyes. It requires careful and unhurried attention to see those layers, and be able to attribute the connectivity between the outcome and the roles these hidden layers play in their manifestations. Pausing, consciously delaying, adapting to second level thinking, waiting to be more informed, not jumping to immediate conclusions based on our conditioned thoughts etc. are all creative habits we need to cultivate, they aren’t taught. Not adapting these valuable habits, should be seen as the primary reason for a disgruntled world and our desperate attempts at fulfilling our lives. When everyone is in a rush to make things happen, burdened by the instincts of self preservation, seeking immediate attention, wanting instant gratification — the outcome of such rushing, cannot be beautiful or fulfilling. It can only be an endless loop of recurring dramas and furthering of futile attempts at desperately creating beauty. It is easy to see these outside of us, but it takes a pause, a delay, a moment of steadiness, to see it happening within us, to our own lives, and realizing that, we are the mess, we claim to be seeing in the world.

Its worth keeping a check on the way we make decisions. Its worth being more conscious. Its worth enabling second level thinking, investing in quietude, equanimity and being attentive yet lazy, and acting only upon real opportunities which does not create hindrance.

#GoSlow should not only be a mantra, but a trick to keep our psychological rushing at bay.
Flipism is not necessary, its risky, enjoyable by a duck within a comic book, but realizing the probability of randomness in life, enabling conscious attentiveness and second level thinking, adopting meditation as an active tool to invite deliberate slowness to our psychological rushing — are real, effective and essential acts needed today, which can prevent us from falling, and provide us a platform for rising beyond the compulsions of improper habits we’ve succumbed to. After all, “There is not enough time to do all the nothing we want to do.”

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