Linga Bhairavi Devi Yantra


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It’s hard to understand a science we don’t fathom, easy to speculate a science we don’t understand, but simply appropriate to share the experiences of applying that science, as it becomes a reality in one’s life!
Linga Bhairavi Devi, came into our lives on December 11, 2015, unplanned and forcibly. It wasn’t that we weren’t inclined to her grace, since her creation in January 2010, but we were totally swept off our feet, by her unusual entry, in the form of Linga Bhairavi Yantra, initiated together as a couple, on that fateful new moon night in the winter of 2015. In retrospect, her sudden move felt natural, as if a formidable presence, rightfully forced her way, without bothering for permission, and showering immediate and abundant blessings, by aligning our lives towards taking responsibility for creating wellbeing and rubbing it off on anyone who allowed contact.

A logical mind looks for easy or complex explanations for the happenings of life. If it can’t find one, it imagines one, thus avoiding an immediate feeling of stupidity or helplessness.

It seems easy that way, but is hallucinatory! Its not easy to gauge the simplicity of allowing a ritual and devotion to invoke one’s intelligence in living life, amongst the amalgamated complexities of human distress. Learning to surrender to the simple daily ritual instructed for performing the process with Devi, has very easily catapulted the experience of life, from constant “hamstering”, to a smooth, effective and lubricated way of living. Its not that suddenly all the challenges of an unaligned body, improperly applied mind, incongruous life energies, disappeared in a jiffy, but, the sweetness of slowly learning to surrender one’s ignorance, allowing the initiated presence of a Linga to be imbibed, observing the fallacies and limitedness of one’s knowledge, recognizing the restlessness towards the uncertainties of living, slowly learning to accept the pride and prejudices we love to cling on, becomes radiantly visible with her association, and it serendipitously leaves us in a space of eased seeking, gentle strides and gleeful demeanor.
Needless to say, we feel her benediction, as we learn to conduct the affairs of our lives, sometimes smoothly, other times, passing the necessary tribulations, but the guided presence of Devi, remains an obvious blessing beyond normal recognition. A yantra seems to be a simple tool, calibrated towards creating wellbeing, under the aegis of the energies of the form, created by someone who understands this esoteric science!

We may be city slickers, trained to be suspicious of tradition, lest we get jipped, but we are also city slickers, who recognize the value of a tool/device/machine/yantra, which helps lubricating the sophisticated human system, and stumbling upon one, are bound to unlock its value, by applying it in our daily lives, lest we forget how fragile we are!

Garfield unhesitatingly expounded: “Hard work never killed anyone; but why take a chance!” We’ve learnt not to take a chance, and seek out the blessing & grace of Devi, in guiding our daily lives, without any excitement, passion or faith!

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    1. Haha! Like your question, right to the bottomline! 🙂 I would say the most significant thing that has happened is the “need to accumulate” to “feel secured” has been withering away after her presence, which in itself brings the wellbeing you’ve mentioned.


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