The Translucent Breath


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The trouble with words is, they are merely words, their significance is only relevant, in the way they will be received, and there is no assurance, they’ll be received, in the manner it was intended, when sent.

The art of communication is complex, and perhaps, using words or thoughts, as the only vehicle for communicating, may not be the wisest or the wickedest approach. Most of us find that out only in hindsight!

We’ve reduced our communication skills only to the oratory or vocabulary, and seem to have convinced and trained ourselves to believe, the combinational science and art of communication ends there. Beyond the oratory and vocabulary, communication perhaps requires, the single-most important element of “silence” as part of its repertoire, of a foundational nature, for it to be effective and delivered as intended. Silence, not of the grave or eerie, but of a light, emptiness, nothingness kind, a kind which silently observes, doesn’t get excited nor dejected – a motivated, energetic yet passive silence, like our breath, which remains present all our living life, except that, it remains absent from most of us, all our living life!
When nation’s fight, and declare war, for variety of reasons, it is considered an act of aggression, and it is clear that since many lives are going to be lost, natural and manmade resources destroyed, it is a certain act of violence, which is fabricated and designed, to support some idea of a better good for the nation, their people, or mankind in general. But, it is still clear to everyone, it is an act of aggression and violence, even though it is for a benevolent cause.
When individual’s fight, argue, throw tantrums, blow fists, use abuse, connive tactics, rhetorics etc. to get their point across, either to dominate their ideas over somebody else’s, or to get their way, to feel fulfilled or accomplished, to feel consequential, or many such things, it is not very obvious that, all these represent a subtler, yet certain dimension of aggression and violence, in which many lives are still lost in a manner of speaking, since these attempts, usually compulsive, don’t allow an individual to explore and seek out their inherently dormant potential or genius. These compulsive behavior of tantrums and aggression, also become an unconscious method of reinforcing the wiring of the brain, to behave, perceive and act in the same manner, to varying stimulus, every time, making it a conditioned and repetitive reaction. This then, becomes the basis of our lack of freedom, and constant feeling of being incomplete and unfulfilled. Freedom when compromised through such compulsions, is a heavy price to pay for an individual, who is always seeking on the other side, wanting to be free from compulsiveness and moving towards consciousness. It perhaps requires a different set of eyes to get this point right and realize the nature of the problem at hand.
Our breath is the most significant part of our existence, yet, it remains the most underestimated and unexplored faculty in the  human system. Generally, with the advent of agriculture and modern ways of procuring food from the super organized supply-chain methods, from the manufacturers to the retailers, we have started attributing our intellect, as the most significant part of our existence. It used to be our physical ability to work and create, when agriculture and the supporting supply chain for procuring our food wasn’t as organized. Over time, things evolved, we became complacent and assured of getting food, albeit its quality is arguable, on a daily basis, without having to physically flex too much of them muscles, except a trip to the local supermarket. Naturally, the intellect became significant and the need to express our views, feel good about our feelings, wanting to feel good about our existing, started occupying our lives. It is obvious from the phenomenal rise of the cosmetic, service, social media, entertainment industries, how much importance we’ve given to our intellect and the dominance of our ability to think and create has taken over.

The correlation of the breath to our ability to think, feel, act and most importantly solve our problems, has perhaps been the most underrated and unexplored aspect of human explorations, amongst the many lofty ones, like exploring the cosmos, landing on the Moon, wanting to land on Mars, and wanting to secure some living space, in space.

The way we react, feel, think, act, plan and solve our problems, affects the way we breathe. The reverse is equally true, where the way we breathe, affects the way we feel, think, act, plan and solve our problems. This second approach remains hugely unexplored and unrealized, and can be the future method for creating sensible and effervescent human beings. The human system is designed in a manner, that a calm, rhythmic, silent and gentle breathe, does not allow the individual to throw tantrums or act aggressively. Its a scientific fact and can be easily experimented and verified. The science of Yoga, which is an applied science, makes use of this fact, and individual’s can easily vouch for its efficacy, based on applying simple daily yogic practices and the benefits derived by it application.
We’ve not been trained by any faculty to be sensible and live gently. On the contrary, it is considered a taboo to not be aggressive and violent, to get one’s way, and the extended outcome of such a poor training and following, results in individual tantrums and damaging wars.

Our breath has a much bigger role to play in our and everyone else’s well-being, much bigger than we might have explored, and it is time to invest in the breath, its nuances, its efficiencies, calmness, silence and subtlety.

Yoga is the platform for such experimentation, and the benefits are far too outreaching, to be ignored or neglected anymore, especially in today’s world where everyone is connected, figuratively speaking, while the individual finds himself completely disconnected from everyone, particularly from himself, amongst the rampant cacophony, in an ongoing world which doesn’t pay attention to their breath, but is overtly hung up with their words, thoughts and feelings, hoping to desperately find some meaning to their lives, without first exploring the basis of their being alive, the translucent breath!

Words are significant, only if they stem out of a serene silence! Our thoughts, feelings and actions are significant, only if they stem out of a blossoming breath.

Investing in the right technologies is important, and Yoga as an applied science to explore the depth and dimension of our existing, is the most relevant scientific platform, available for us to bring back our lost sanity and natural ways of living! Just like rooting for peace, in the form of organized protests, is ironic, and gives a pseudo hope for a solution, so does war, tantrum, aggression and violence, give a pseudo hope for a solution, to an individual, nation or humanity, seeped in ignorance. A much better and effective approach might be to invest in the inward technologies, like yoga, to empower the human system, to create a peaceful and sensible human being, who demand a peaceful and sensible society, nation and world – distanced from the noise of their meaningful but superficial words, thoughts  feelings, and deeply rooted into their being, aware of their breath, silence and beauty.

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