Master Blaster

#Tendulkar  #MasterBlaster
While T20 is the current rage & rightfully so for the modern man, with little time for sports, in his stressful life, this 20 minutes is a must watch for any cricket buff who admires “classic cricket”, and the video exemplifies classic textbook cricket by Sachin Tendulkar, a champion batsman, who reigned for 24 years on the field, and managed to hit 100 centuries in his career, between test matches & one day internationals (4/yr | four centuries a year), an outstanding feat which perhaps will remain unbeaten for a very long time, for which he was affectionately nicknamed, God of Cricket, Little Master & Master Blaster.

Anyone, who has taken coaching in cricket, understands the attention, coordination & dexterity required to hit decent shots, and for a man of who’s 5’5” in height, Tendulkar in this 2007 test match against England at Chelmsford, shows what a classic player he is, getting 171 runs off 235 balls, with some fantastic shots on all sides of the fields with equal finesse.
Check out the:

🍁 balance in his straight stance, before the delivery
🍁 moderately tight grip, at the lower end of the handle
🍁 preferring a heavy bat (3 lbs), indicative of his confidence in timing the ball, and hitting it from the middle of the bat
🍁 a perfect follow-through after a hit, for which his coach, Padma Shri Ramakant Achrekar must be very proud of, as it signifies total involvement with the delivery versus sheer strength being used to gain runs
🍁 the variation in the timing of the actual hit (contact with the ball) as he gives his mind necessary time to decide where to place the ball to get that otherwise elusive boundary
🍁 the ease of rotating his wrist to get those amazing square drives which deceptively look effortless
🍁 opening & closing the face of the bat, for those outstanding cover drives depending on the length of the delivery
🍁 amazing fine & reverse sweeps, scoring runs behind the field
🍁 the flatness of the bat, while hitting that lone straight six

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, certainly seems to be a breed apart, has a definite insight into the fine art of ball hitting, and its simply delightful to watch his batting, even after his retirement from international cricket, and we can cherish his extraordinary command over batting for years to come.

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