Baba Bulleh Shah

#BullehShah #मुर्शिद मेरा
Any creative endeavor around the 17th century mystic, Baba Bulleh Shah, is usually magic, and the song “Bulleya” from the arguably lackluster movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” is no exception. Bulleya (Baba Bulleh Shah) must have been an extraordinary mystic during the Mughal era, to be still remembered & providing relentless intensity to any Sufi-style music.

AAPS (Amitabh Bhattacharya – lyrics, Amit Mishra – singer, Pritam – composer, Shilpa Rao – singer) have created an amazing song in Bulleya, where the lone seeker eventually, helplessly seeks for his disguised lover to be his guru (guide), and in a defying moment of abandonment, the seeker realizes that not everything worthwhile is attainable by effort, anything subliminal, needs surrendering into ease, and this leaves us suddenly submerged in Bulleya’s gentle presence in an undulating manner.
It’s fascinating how the composer mixes the traditional & modern instruments to create a “heavy style” of music, in contrast, revealing the surrendering emphasis of the lyricist, and appropriately adulating Baba Bulleh Shah with much reverence.
Hats off to 28 years young Lucknowi, Amit Mishra, for pouring his heart & talent, all over this deep, intense, soul-searching  song.
मेरी रूह का परींदा फड़फडाये, लेकिन सुकून का जज़ीरा मिल न पाए, इक बार को तजल्ली तो दिखा दे, झूठी सही मगर तसल्ली तो दिला दे, मुर्शिद मेरा,मुर्शिद मेरा|

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