A Tilted World

Earth's Tilt

A single tilt decides the fate of everything that happens on Planet Earth. Perhaps, a single tilt can also decide the fate of everything that happens to a human being.


Traveling approximately at 1000 km/hr, our planet spins around its own axis, while simultaneously taking an elliptical orbit around the sun, in the vastness of the solar system. Its quite a speed to travel at, roughly equivalent to a Boeing Dreamliner (950 km/hr) or an Airbus A380 (1020 km/hr), and not to mention that it is also spinning around the sun at approximately 100,000 km/hr, for it to finish one year in roughly 365 days. So much movement seems to be happening with the planet, in a very still manner, designed in a brilliant way, and we earthlings enjoy the benefits of it, primarily the various seasons it brings us. The most interesting part of the design is that the planet rotates and wobbles on a tilted axis, and oscillates between the tilted angles of 22.1° and 24.5°, to give an average tilt of 23.4°, and this tilt is the primary reason, we experience the variation of solar energy absorbed by the planet, which in turn brings about the various seasons.

A slight tilt, a little wobble, jet speed, and the planet still manages its orbit around the sun, on time, every time, to bring organic life on earth. There is no reason for us humans to assume we are anything but organic life and keep on orchestrating an organized life instead. Quite a precise design with some allowance for margin of error and imprecision.


Its another spring equinox, and the position of the planet during its orbit around the sun, distributes equal amount of solar energy to both hemispheres, to bring balance and freshness to all organic life on the planet.


As hard as we try to believe, we are separate and can live whichever way we like, this is another periodic reminder and boost, by the planet, for us to get aligned, so as to enjoy the free booty of life, and that a simple tilt of axis can bring about a phenomenal twist of fate for us earthlings.


The planet never stops reminding us of our ultimate fate, as seasons and years roll by, and the body in essence will be taken back after a few for some or several for many, trips around the sun. Just like an enjoyable rollercoaster ride, its fun to go around in circles, get the giggles, but the ride for sure, ends. A wise mind always learns to enjoy the rollercoaster ride, but remains aware and guides his curiosity towards wanting to know, what is beyond the enjoyable rides. A curious mind too, never stops seeking answers to existential realities, and attempts to align to the grandeur of existential processes over the more frequent psychological processes, to understand their relevance to our existing, inside the cocoon of the solar system, and perhaps humble ourselves towards being more focused on simply living and withering away, into this fleeting offering of life in a tilted world.

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