Welldone Pond

Surprisingly, leaving a hectic city lifestyle, and trading it with a lifestyle which offers many pauses, opportunities for randomness in daily routines, and extensive possibilities of remaining silent, needs a lot of work upon oneself. It took me a while to realize, that the human in the human being is severely conditioned, usually restless, and regardless of where he lives or what he leaves, simply being ain’t easy, and unless, he puts in considerable effort to realize his conditioning and compulsions, its all the same, as far as his experiences of life is concerned.
There’s a nice pond nearby, seldom visited by anyone, where I cycle sometimes in the evening, where I’ve been casually accosted by a goat, snake, few lovely birds, frogs, dogs and peacocks.

The surprising visit by the 5 feet long snake, some three feet away, was startling, although I managed to stay calm after the initial burst of fear, to enjoy his wiggly movements and casually passing away, uninterested in any of my ongoing stories in the head. 
I’ve always admired Thoreau’s experiments at the Walden Pond, and have visited the site where he chose to remain a recluse for over two years, and have wondered many times if I had that kind of strength or will to stay away from everything, procure my own food, build my own home etc. I doubt if I’ll ever actually take up such an experiment, but this nearby pond, has been attractive and serves the purpose of visiting alone every once in a while, be with myself and my thoughts, see the lovely sunset over the hills, accost some beautiful species and of course, get that 11 km exercise, either after an idle or hectic day, perhaps immersed in books, banking, bantering, bickering or bending.
Affectionately, in memory of Thoreau, and his courageous experiments, I’ve named this water body, Welldone Pond, and would love to take anyone who would like to visit, in a heartbeat. I’ve asked many, but rarely found anyone taking an interest in such a local outing, which doesn’t require an airline ticket or hotel accommodation, and wonder if traveling far has some special significance or a rhetoric which I don’t understand.

I like to think, a simple & immediate indulgence with nature, is a choice which cannot fail, because it offers an opportunity to merge with the real, the pristine, on a non-causal basis! 
It would be my honor to take you to Welldone Pond, infrequently visited by any, and available for immediate indulgence with nature! Do take me up on this offer sometime, it will be my sheer pleasure to introduce you to Welldone! 🙂 

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