Sauntering Hues

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I am naturally nocturnal, born around 2300 hours, with a flair for being creative, attentive and tolerable, only in the wee hours. Other times, I have to exert effort to invoke socially acceptable doses of creativity, attentiveness and tolerability, and pretend my normalcy. Except, when the first rays of the sun starts hitting, in the early weeks of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, when there is a slightly higher moisture content in the air, and the fragrance of the blossoming flowers & fruits gets mixed with the moist air particles, along with the aroma of the soil, which awakens upon receiving concentrated doses of consistent sunlight. There is something about this concoction of moist air, fragrant flowers & fruits and aromatic soil (AFFS – Air, Flower, Fruits, Soil) which wants me to get out in the morning for sauntering, although, admittedly, before it gets really warm. Living in a tropical belt of the planet, augments the early spring experience like no where else, just because of the sheer number of buds which start blooming, and the AFFS factor dripping serendipity unabashedly.

The trick I realized is to get out early, perhaps, 20 minutes before the sun is visible at the horizon, to soak in the cool darkness of the night, and experience the transition into the morning, as the orange fiery ball starts glowing from far, distinctly polarizing the planet into light and darkness.
Its a phenomena worth soaking in, and I have often found, I fall for it in the early weeks of spring, defying any nocturnal qualities.

Last week has been a series of such morning and evening walks, interspersed by a completely random afternoon downpour, of the cloudburst kind, figuratively speaking. Sauntering around in the 10 km radius, with nearby hills as witness, and soaking the sunrise and sunset has been a devout and revealing experience. This will all end soon, as I pull myself out of here for a few months, traversing countries for specific purposes, hopefully returning by the fall equinox, entering the calmness and inertia of autumn. The summer is avoidable where I’m based out of, and this seems like a decent plan, except, I’ll miss the morning and evening hues of the sky, and the incomparable beauty of the rolling hills which embrace me every time I step out, away from the useful world of computers, phones, tablets and books.

I have also found that sauntering the body and mind near sunrise or sunset, by making it available to the natural elements, has an undeniable impact of awakening them to experience the profoundness of life. The phenomena is unexplainable, and I’ve learnt over time, to stop analyzing it, and instead reap the benefits, with some nice walks whenever possible. Even the experience of drinking water and eating a nice healthy breakfast or meal, after such sauntering, has some special significance, which I’ve not been able to understand and prefer keeping it an existential mystery.

It just seems more delightful, as if the body and mind came back from a cosmic shower, released the collective cellular stress, embraced some natural enzymes from the atmosphere, and managed to sit humbly upon the throne of ease, to accept the rigmaroles of life with an embracing quality.
Well, I might simply be hallucinating all this for all I know, but it doesn’t bother me, since this is how I would like to feel anyways, with all the other striving I subject myself to.

Amongst all this blabbering, I have also realized that, such sauntering, at specific times, invokes an important dimension of being able to simply “wait”, and be available to the present forces of reality. As with other things, this too is unexplainable, but the feeling of being not scattered, not rushing, not forcing, willingly waiting, without a purpose or goal, becomes a welcoming tune within myself.

Its hard to express in words, but it perhaps is the closest experience of death, in a manner of speaking, where an undirected and purposeless silence and stillness dawns within, which naturally brings calmness, and slides me into an unique state of quietness and alertness, almost as if everything merged, and there is no where to go and nothing to get.
Its not eerie or debilitating in any way, instead, it is empowering and enabling in many ways.

Who knew, such sauntering hues could be so enriching, but its best not to believe these probable hallucinations, and instead wander out and get a whiff of the serendipitous dawn and dusk around spring time. Do drop me a line if you find the “wait” to be real, while I pack up soon and move on to the next phase of activities.

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