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I am not sure if I like traveling as much, as much as I end up traveling. Having said that, I think I must explain. I like traveling after I reach the destination, and consider the transit in between, quite a bit of hassle. We visited a quaint little mountain town, in the Himalayan kingdom over the weekend, called Dhulikhel, located at 1500 meters above sea level. The hills here are not majestic, but they roll and have terrace farming to their display and charm. It was very quiet and the place we stayed was superbly done, subtly allowing to experience the mystic without making any noise about it. It was crafted by removing very few trees and thus keeping the density of the forest intact, perhaps adding many more trees, which is a rare sight nowadays. All the cottages were nestled within the beautiful and aging trees and had the feeling of merging with the ecosystem. The room within the cottage looked out to the beautiful rolling hills at far, and the valley downhill gave the necessary contrast on how things in nature keep balance with what we usually understand as opposites.

In a sense, the valley and the hills were a single unit, but could be very easily differentiated as separate entities. Only when we view things from far and are at ease, can we see things properly. This is an observation, not an opinion.

Coming back to the traveling bit, I usually feel settled where I already am, or upon arrival where I intend to be, and have a certain inertia towards “unnecessary” movement. The keyword is “unnecessary”, because I am beginning to realize that, most of us confuse ourselves between what is necessary and what is not. The portion where I need to transit is what I resist, and would prefer faster methods of transport and am thus saying “I am not sure if I like traveling as much”. The transit and the normally glorified anticipation of travels, which many get excited with, is unexciting for me. Not that anyone should agree with it, I’m just expressing an opinion now. I am perfectly fine not getting to see the sights in between the source and destination, not being jammed in a train or a flight with fellow human species and the transit does not thrill me either. I am not denying that I might be missing many things on the way with this attitude, all I am saying is, I am fine with it. I get jittery in between, and perhaps am not the best company during those times. But, once I reach the destination, and am sitting with the knowing that I have a week or five to spend at the same location, a different beast brews out of this mug. I suddenly could be charming, jocular, impatient, imbalanced, ludicrous and many more things, and its hard to predict. But, I do assure the fellow companions, if any, usually its the affected missus, that upon arrival, they’ll not have many things to complain about me. This is how I am structured and unlike the whole movement of everyone should change themselves for the better, I don’t care to change myself in this department, and I’m perfectly fine being a bit grouchy and nervous, in transit. The missus has suggested many a times to carry some Benadryl, and I’ve always wondered to what might she be hinting?



Coming back to Dhulikhel. The entire weekend was quite relaxing, as we put sincere effort to being at ease. The cottages and the various facilities for meditation, yoga, pranayama, spa, pool, restaurants etc. were dispersed amongst the various terraces of the hill. So, it meant, going up and down from the pool to the Himalayan Salt room, to crystal room, to the yoga room, followed by the Chakra room and finally the Pranayama room. The restaurants and the lone shop were all the way at the bottom, and we reckoned that we were walking at least 500 steps everyday, going up and down. At the top level, there was a quiet and serene road which brought us to the most amazing sight of vegetable gardening at 1500 meters, on one of the terraces, facing the beautiful Himalayan hills. It was a magnificent sight to behold (play above video), and we were in awe at the various cabbages, zucchinis, chillies, chards, kales, lettuces, bananas, rosemary, and many variety of flowers, which were being organically grown there in a systematic way and being taken care of with drip irrigation system, and lots of love and affection.

The whole place was charged sensuously, and was emanating a sense of inclusiveness which doesn’t come by very easily.


It was a wonderful weekend of working without rushing, getting the caretakers of the place initiated into Isha Kriya and many other Isha Yoga practices, reading, sauntering and indulging with an unique 100% vegetarian Japanese food. Its a great location to unwind, and to be in an ecosystem where the experience of the material and the mystic are intertwined nicely, and many avenues for being meditative and learning clay pottery,  painting, yoga etc. are easily accessible. We would recommend this place to anyone visiting this Himalayan Kingdom!


Until next time, Ciao!


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